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Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Our primary business aim

GECIND & TECHNO SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is dedicated to “improving the profitability and capital effectiveness of papermaking machinery” by utilizing our technical knowledge, manufacturing and service capabilities to provide high “value added solutions “, and hardware from the “stock preparation equipments to reel”.

Our motto is reflected by “Quality tons on the reel”. Our aim is to give our customers lower production cost per ton with formation improvement. From the stock preparation equipments, headbox through the wet-end, former, press, dry part and reel, we improve your machine's performance through our ability to identify machinery and process bottlenecks and to develop solutions that add tangible value to your bottom line results.

When it comes to performance optimisation and machine rebuilds, our experienced professionals seek to achieve the greatest performance improvement at the least expense, by changing as little hardware as possible, maximising the value of your existing equipment and expensive spares. That's what we mean when we say that our mission is "to improve the capital effectiveness of papermaking machinery"!

Our Vision: Being the best that we can be

Our Vision is to be recognised throughout the paper industry as a "preferred supplier" for papermaking machinery upgrades, to provide a positive work environment that makes us "employer of choice”. The Quest for excellence is never ending, driving the company to innovate, upgrade and develop.
Core Values: Beliefs that guide our daily actions

  • Change is Essential
    We live in an ever changing world where the ability to adapt, to dream and to turn those dreams into reality provides our greatest chance for success. We believe in continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and compliance with latest technologies.
  • Quality, Lead Time and Productivity
    We create real value for ourselves and our customers by driving our business with a focus on quality, lead time and productivity, and by ensuring that all three are in balance.
  • Open Communication
    The best work environment is one that is based on open communication and a spirit of equality, teamwork and co-operation among employees at all levels.

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