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We Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of the followings:

  • Total Project management and Turnkey solutions, right from Concept and Design to Engineering, Erection, Execution and Commissioning.
  • Turn Key projects from concept to commissioning of Pulp & Paper plant.
  • Rebuilding of Pulp Mill & Paper Machine to increase production, improvement in quality & runnability.
  • Stock Preparation Equipments.
  • Sections of Paper Machine like:
    1. Open Head Box and Pressurised (closed) Head Box for various speeds and slice width.
    2. Conversion of Open Head Box to Pressurised Head Box.
    3. New Wire part including rebuilding for wire length increase and converting to cantilever arrangement.
    4. Formers with imported Head Box.
    5. New and Rebuilding of Press Section (single/double felted, inverse, reverse, smoothing press) including Jumbo Press, Size Press, Shoe Press & Bi-Nip Press.
    6. Dryer Section.
    7. MG Section.
    8. Coating Section.
    9. Paper Machine Finishing Section including Pope Reel.
  • Auxiliary Equipments of Paper Machine like:
    1. Auto Guide & Manual Guide.
    2. Auto Stretcher, Auto Tensioner and Manual Stretcher.
    3. Suction Roll including Suction Pick up Roll Internals.
    4. Wire Part top drainage element like Forming Board, Foil Box, Suction Box, Bagalley Box & others.
    5. Uhle Box, H.P Oscillating and L.P. Showers.
    6. Rope Carrier System and Pneumatic Tail Feeding arrangement.
    7. Dry end Cutter.
    8. Fixed & Oscillating Doctors in SS & MS construction.
  • Consultancy Services
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